Adapting Physical Therapy 

Connecting Patients with Clinics 


Physical Therapy, for most people, is a life changing event. This is where they will be starting the first steps of the rest of their lives. In today's age, the physical therapist needs to understand what is happening in the mind of patients in order to fully help them heal not only physically, but also mentally. But whether it's the long hours or the draining work that needs to be put in, the hardest challenge a physical therapist can face is finding the right clientele. In today's world, insurance companies likely have patients jumping through hoops to get coverage, or certain branches don't take specific insurances. If you do not have a strong Online, Mobile, and Social Media presence, you are significantly less likely to find the ideal patient for your practice. And they're significantly less likely to find you, the doctor they need.


Responsive Mobile Design

These days, most people are accessing the web from their phones. Studies show that if a user who lands on your mobile website gets frustrated and doesn’t see what they are looking for, there’s a 61% chance they will leave immediately and go to another website. Responsive mobile websites are imperative and that's why ALL of our websites include a mobile friendly version, giving your potential client a positive experience.

Professionally Designed

Building a stunning, quality website takes time, effort and experience. You do what you do best and leave this part to us. No matter what your vision is for the design of your website, our expert developers and graphic designers will exceed your expectations.

Google Analytics Reporting

We collect data from the most widely used analytics service on the internet and use it to provide a better online experience and stay ahead of the competition. Monitor your site traffic and keep track of the number of visitors, page views, where visitors come from and more!

Search Engine Optimization

We'll use our expert knowledge of SEO to keep your content relevant and get your website polling well in search engines! We can ensure that your website will rank high in search results, maximizing your number of visitors tenfold!

Google Search Friendly

We already made the gorgeous website, now it's time to make it easily discoverable. We create high-quality content on every single page of your site, filling it with useful information that attracts visitors and entices webmasters to link to it. We use the words users would typically type in to find it, giving your site greater visibility in Google search results!

Our website build time starts the moment you send us all required documents (headshot, bio, testimonials, contact info and listings) and launches three weeks later. Our expert developers and graphic designers are the best around and we pride ourselves on creating impressive, quality websites in a shorter turnaround than anyone else out there. 

Three Week Build Time

Social Media Management

Social Media Management is a full-time job. You already have one of those to focus on! Our team of professional Social Media Experts will manage your social media accounts and generate engaging content to gain followers and ultimately turn those followers into clients!

Credibility in 2017

Your online presence in 2017 is your credibility. Adapting Social ensures you are being represented correctly, found, and staying at the top of mind awareness for your patients and potential patients! 

Email Marketing

With 2.5 billion users, email isn’t going anywhere! Email marketing is an efficient way to stay connected with your clients while also promoting your services and can even be tailored to customer actions so that every communication is relevant to their interests! We'll reach your target markets with updates to your company, victories and even request direct feedback.

No Contracts

We are 100% confident you are going to be ecstatic with the results with the results we bring you. We don't believe in binding contracts to keep a business relationship strong. Life is unexpected, we get it! We pride ourselves on flexibility. Need to make a change in your package, or take a month off to focus finances elsewhere? That's cool with us! Everything we do is customized to your needs and we don't want a black and white contract to get in the way of that!