Let's face it, your customers are ALWAYS on their phones. In fact, they're ADDICTED. So how do we reach them you ask?


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Most likely everyone you know has an iPhone and a Facebook account. What does that tell you? That your customers are more reachable than ever! Google and Social Media have become what 411 and the yellow pages used to be. It's not just a preference anymore to be marketing your business online, it's a necessity. With this flooded marketing, Adapting Social finds ways for you to reach your customer in creative ways that make your business stand out! 



Search Engine Optimization  A.K.A SEO

(Trusted Source for Buyers Searching for a Product or Service)

The Adapting Social Team is made up of certified SEO Ninjas! We help clients from small pizzerias to fortune 500 companies rank on the first page locally and on a national scale. Our SEO methodologies are not replicated or duplicated, they have been developed with 9 years of being practitioners and developing methods that drive results. 


Google Adwords

(Buyers Searching for a Product or Service) 

In a world where all of your competition is trying to rank page one, you have to get creative. Adapting Social will design and create a campaign with a funnel page that will drive your business LEADS! 


Social Media Marketing 

(Putting your Product or Service in Front of Potential Buyers)

We live in a social media world, it's foolish to think that you cannot reach your customers there! This is a very crowded space for marketing and the only way to succeed is to be INSANELY CREATIVE! This is where we come in. Beautiful images and videos paired with a funnel page that will close the deal! 


APP Store / PlayStore Marketing 

(Putting your APP in front of your customers) 

Let's face it, we are all in love with our APPS! When you launch your APP it is imperative it's put in the hands of your customers. We get creative and make that happen! 

Retargeting Banner Ads 

(Keeping you at the top of mind to your potential customers) 

These days, it's not just about getting the traffic to your website, now it's about keeping you in front of your potential customers at all times! We call this the Amazon Effect. When you're done shopping on Amazon, those products will follow you around the internet until you go to bed at night! We implement the same for our clients to keep them in front of their potential clients at all times!