Pre-Webinar Huddle with Adapting Social

July 26, 2018 | 10:00am

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Creating Brand Gladiators


Topic: Can be used not just with Real Estate Agents but to other verticals


Dual push – all verticals not just RE


Organic growth online, building the visibility with not spending

as much.

Grow their websites, social media, business.


Things people are going to get from the webinar:

  1. Evolution of social media and where its going

  2. Being a business and a brand in social media

  3. Growth starts with in – ask patrons to check in, post on
    social media

  4. Strategy behind making brand gladiators –people in your circle who will like and share all your posts on social media


How do we meld those things together with a virtual professional:

  • Implementation and how a virtual professional can help in
    those tasks.

    • Coordination, responding to queries of leads that comes through.



Find a client who needs with marketing/find an AS client who would need a virtual professional


Optimal Client for Adapting Socials:

  • Brand new/successful – who has not yet adapted to the internet.

  • Success is measured: 80% client retention: building a relationship that makes the client stick

  • Everything is in-house employees


Success is measure for clients will be through how many new people they want to sign up not so much on how many clicks are made.


Request for webinar: Have One Success Stories